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 Helldark: a Devil's Gate novelette

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PostSubject: Helldark: a Devil's Gate novelette   Tue Feb 23, 2016 4:17 pm


Moonlight peeked over the tall buildings of downtown Devil’s Gate, the reflection gleaming in the puddles scattered across the cobblestone streets. Of course this is Washington, so what else can you expect but getting your feet wet?
As silent as a shadow I dodged the puddles, leaping with feline graces over ones to big to step over and too wide to go around. Especially if you’re in a hurry to kill speedy a little devil, and I do mean that in the literal sense.
Devil’s Gate is one of the oldest cities of Washington. Like every conspicuously hellishly named city in the U.S., Devil’s Gate too is a city that houses the likes of them, Bogeymen. Vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, the things your older siblings told you to scare you, the monsters your parents swore didn’t live under your bed. They do, but not if I can help it.
I am Evelyn Night, Bogey Hunter. I am the one monsters tell their children to be afraid of, and they should be. I’m the best.
I climbed atop a crosswalk button box, shimmied up the pole flipped around the bar and grabbed a sturdy branch of a nearby tree and crept to a window ledge, pushed off and swung up to the ledge of the roof and scrambled over. I peeked around, I saw a shadow skirt around a corner. I smirked. Gotcha. I leapt a few buildings, then grabbed my rope and lassoed a street sign, and jumped off the ledge, swinging around the corner pole and landed my legs hard against the guy’s back. I quickly turned him over and pinned his shoulders down with my knees and smirked, as I drew my double edged daggers out, and crossed them over his neck, “Good night bitch.” Then I sliced the guy’s head off. I cleaned off my daggers, and quickly stashed the guy in an industrial garbage can.

Chapter 1

I awoke with a groan to my blaring alarm. 6:30, too...damn...early...but nonetheless I dragged my sorry ass out of bed and took a shower. The hot water washed away the grime of last night, and warmed my ever cold body. One of the few pleasures I indulged in, nothing was more beloved to me than a nice hot shower, fifteen minutes of the purest rapture, but all too soon my fifteen minutes were over. I threw on my white sports bra over my decent sized B cup breasts and a white tee and since I was going to training today, I threw on my black booty exercise shorts and threw on a ratty pair of jeans over it and laced up my tennis shoes. Combat boots are sexy and good for kicking guys in their nut sack, but they suck for running and flexibility. High heels? Forget it. I’ll let Rosalia Romero and Leslie Blackhawk have that one. I looked into the mirror, and applied my eyeliner to both my eyes and my eyebrows, and then debated running some gel through my little longer than pixie cut crisp snow white hair. I decided against it today, and grabbed my duffel bag and headed to the kitchen.
I was in the middle of making my usual bacon sandwich with a yogurt cup when Zoey, my roommate popped up at my side, “Good morning!” Her too-high-pitched-for-this-time-of-the-morning voice piped up. I flinched but gave a cursory smile, “Hey Zoe, wazzup?”
“The party last night was sooooo awesome! You should’ve come with!” Zoey’s curly strawberry blonde hair bounced as she spoke, her baby blue eyes gleaming excitedly. She was of a curvaceous build, nice set of boobs and ass, with love handles, she was a perfect mixture of sexy and huggable, especially with her heart shaped baby face. The only bad things was Zoey was like an annoying Pomeranian you cant get to leave you alone, but I liked her.
“Yeah, sounds like it was loads of fun, too bad I had to go have dinner with my distant relatives last night.”
Zoey giggled, “It’s okay, you must’ve had lots of fun yourself, your family must really love you since you go to dinner five times a week with them at least.”
“Heh, yeah, I guess so.” I lied. Going out to eat with my distant relatives, was my excuse when I had to go hunt, and when I went to training, it was Advanced Yoga, when she asked what that was, I had lied saying it was a mixture of Acrobatics and Aerobics, which she took with ease. I wasn’t completely lying to her; it was what I was doing for the most part...if you didn’t include the weapons I used for the other sessions. It’s not like I was bothered by lying to her, but every so often I wondered if she was seeing through them but pretended nothing was off with me.
The only thing I feared was the day she found out about me. One, I’d have to find a new place to crash, and for another, I’d have to clear her. A process I really didn’t want to put her through. Even for someone annoying as her, I needed her. She was the normalcy in my life that kept my cover stable, plus she could cook. Like more than fry bacon cook, plus this was her apartment and she didn’t press into my business or go into my room. Not many people are like that, she was the perfect roommate.
She noticed my bag, “Advanced Yoga today?”
“That’s so cool.” She then began making herself some cereal. “Hey you busy this weekend?”
“I uh...” I blanked out being unable to remember if there was something I had to do this weekend or not.
“Great! How about you come down to Dark Circle to meet my friends then!? You’ll have a blast I promise!”
I inwardly sighed, how could I say ‘no’ to her? For the past two months since I’d moved here, she’d been tying to get me to hang out with her and her crew but each time I’d managed to maneuver around it by knowing my complete schedule of training sessions at the Academy, or having a mission to complete. This time however nothing had come to mind. I gave an uneasy smile, “Yeah, sure, why not.” I reluctantly agreed.
“Terrific! I can’t wait to show you to everyone!”

After breakfast I had slung my duffel bag over my shoulder and made a steady jog over to the Academy that rested a few of miles outside of Devil’s Gate, deep into the heart of Sacrifice Forest. Welcoming name for a forest right?

I hurried in to the locker room, and smirked everyone had already left, that meant I had a few minutes to quickly change while they stretched. I always woke up early to stretch on my own, so I could allow myself a few minutes to change in private. Though our leader wanted everyone on the floor at the same time, so I purposely made sure I was late every day. But my maddness wasn't without it's purposely planned method.
When I had dressed down to my booty shorts, sports bra and my sneakers. I brought my duffel bag of weapons in with me. Our gym leader, Farrell, who bared a deliciously uncanny resemblance to Kevin Sorbo except with a stony expression stood at the front.
"You're late Night."
"Oh I did have a late night, thanks for asking." I snarked.
A couple people either scoffed or giggled, Farrell gave the whole class a death glare then returned his murderous midnight chocolate eyes on me, "Because of your tardiness, I'll be your partner."
The girls pouted and groaned, and I had to refrain from smirking. "What?! That's so not fair, I always have to go up against you." I whined pretending to be upset at this injustice.
"If you weren't late, I wouldn't have to punish you."
"Oooh, that's sex talk sweetie." I said blatantly teasing him now.
His scowl only deepened. I liked that, I liked irritating him, the more I pissed him off, the more he wouldn't take it easy on me.
I was late every day because I knew he'd try to teach me a lesson, which is what I wanted. When I first attended the Academy as a student, I had started as a shrimp with only a persistent spirit going for me. The more I trained on my own away from the Academy, the more i became better than my fellow classmates. The boys had always taken it easy on me, still do, because they still think if they let up a bit it'll get them a date or in my pants. Not even close.
That's why I make him mad, he wouldn't take it easy on me to begin with, but I preferred it when I had him mad, because then it was a challenge. I hadn't won against him yet, but one day, I would, and when that day came, I could prove to my superiors that I really didn't need a partner.
"Alright everyone pair up and spar." Farrell said as he turned to me standing sidelong with his arms up, hands cupped to start sparring with me.

One of the younger students grinned eagerly to get to see this treat. Student of the month got to come to the gym to watch the pros train till the next one was elected for the month. Their job was to turn on the boom box, and speculate the fights going on. It only made it better that Kelly Clarkson’s, What Doesn’t Kill You, came on. That was my jam. We circled for a moment before he finally struck out; I blocked then ducked under his second blow. I brought up my knee to make a full frontal kick.
He grabbed my shin, and went to twist, but before his second hand could grab the other side, I swung my leg out of his reach dropped down and swept the ground with my other leg balancing on my ankle. Farrell hopped over it and I quickly stood again. He grabbed the back of my neck with both hands, and a second too quick for me to do anything he kneed me in the face. I moved only enough for him to catch my eye, I didn’t dare try to bite him, it was coming to fast for that, but in the meantime I grabbed his hands from the back of my neck and twisted his palms back. We both backed off and I could feel a bruise forming around my eye.
He struck again I ducked and brought up an uppercut. He dodged just in time to grab my arm and twist it behind my back in a single chicken wing. I hissed gnashing my teeth then enduring it for a moments more I swiftly curled my leg behind both of Farrell’s and brought him to a fall behind me, but he grabbed my waist as he pulled me down. We both landed on our backs and he pinned me down but I curled my leg underneath his neck and I pulled him back. I quickly scrambled up but he got me in a headlock, with another chicken wing, but this time I maneuvered my mouth to bite down.
Farrell instantly pulled away, “Son of a bitch!” He snarled.
I instantly took his moment of surprise to make a side kick to his side. He flinched, and went to grab my leg but I quickly retreated and then charged aiming to use my shoulder to knock into him. He groaned but wrapped me in his arms around me covering my mouth with one hand around my jaw and I stomped on his foot, and licked his hand at the same time, and the instant Farrell pulled away I grabbed his arm twisted and used his weight against him to flip him over my back. I watched him on the blue cushioned pallet with a smirk and I put my foot on him in victory.
“Think you got me Night?”
“Oh I know I do old man.”
He snorted and grunted as he grabbed my thigh and used his strength to throw me down over him, I yelped in surprise, and he quickly brought my ankles to my back and my wrists just above them. He had me beat.
“Damn.” I muttered.
“Match.” He barked, and stood, he even offered me a hand, but I waved it off. It was a nice gesture, but I didn’t need help up.

I went to grab my bag of weapons, as did everyone else when the entry doors opened and Elite Agent Ellena Crossblade marched in. Her hair cropped close to her head in tiny dark grey curls. Her Ebony skin blended well with the soft blue-grey cashmere pantsuit. I straightened myself quickly. Ellena Crossblade was the best fighter in the USA and made annual visits to all the major academies, mostly to the New York, Las Angeles, and Washington DC ones, though her permanent residency was here, because it was her home state. She had retired a while back as a fighter but she always stayed prepared. She was an inspiration to us all.
"Agents, front and center." We all crowded around in a somewhat orderly semi circle around her. "Trouble has arisen, Zebastyan Shade, has escaped from Helldark and rumor has it he's heading to town."
I stiffened as shivers raced across my skin, Zebastyan Shade, was as notorious as his father Vladmir Shade. They were the coldest most blood thirsty demons we'd ever seen, worse than any serial killer known to mankind.
Others whispered and murmured fearfully, but as scared as we were this was what we were waiting for, this was what we were raised to do. To kill and lock away any and all demons that got to antsy around humans or even their own kind.
"We need a set of scouts who can be downtown this weekend-,"
But before I could stop myself I shoved my way forward and piped up, "I volunteer. I was invited by my roommate to a party, it'll provide as a good cover."
"You, Night? You can't even get to training on time." Leslie said with a bitchy scowl. Rosalia simply stayed quiet assessing it all. For an Italian she was pretty quiet.
"Warriors." Crossblade scolded lightly, then turned to me, "What makes you think you're qualified to handle this?"
"I'm the one of the best fighters on the force!"
"Not the best?" Crossfade said raising a brow.
"Well I can't claim to be better than you or Farrell." I shrugged.
She looked at me for a long moment and I didn't flinch once, she then looked to Leslie and her silent Italian.
"What about you Blackhawk? Are you and your partner, Romero ready to face Zebastyan Shade?"
Rosalia looked to Leslie with silent contemplation. Leslie faltered for a moment then squared her shoulders and nodded, "Yes, besides, even if Evelyn could go she cant, she shouldn't be allowed to hunt even now. She doesn't have a partner."
Crossblade looked to Farrell, "Farrell, you're Night's new partner. Get your affairs in order and before this weekend train like you've never trained before, this weekend you'll be taking down one of the greatest criminals of our time. If anything is compromised, Blackhawk and Romero will be your backup. Is this understood?”
We all nodded, and she gave her own in acknowledgement then left.
Well fuck.

Chapter 2

Everyone was filing out for the day, and throughout the last couple of hours since Crossblade left, I’d been brooding massively. I didn’t want to go back to having a partner, it would only hinder me. I was packing my stuff up to head to the locker room when Farrell stopped me. “Wait.”
I rolled my eyes, “What?”
“You need to stay behind and train some more.”
“Excuse me? I’ve already trained for three-,”
“That’s not good enough. Not for Shade. If we want to defeat him we-,”
“Stop! There’s no we, there’s no us. I work alone. This, us being partnered up,” I gestured between the two of us, “This is just a set back. You may train and spar with us to keep us ready and agile, but I’m a Hunter, not a Trainer. You’re bulky, you’re not agile enough to do what I can to keep silent. We can work alone together, but we’re not going to be a team, I’ve had enough of that bullshit to last me a lifetime.”
“You don’t have enough strength to back it up either. You need something to counterbalance it.”
“Oh? What about Blackhawk and Romero?” I snapped dropping my bag resting my hands on my hips.
“You are most experienced in hand-to-hand combat, like me. They’re weapon experts, they work long range and short range. Blackhawk has her guns, and Romero has her longsword and dagger, and they have their communication codes. They use both wit and their respective forms of battle. Everything about them is balanced. You need yours.”
“I have enough of both.” I growled, “I’ll train, but I’ll train on my own.”
“You want to train without me, fine, but you must beat me first.”
“I’m working on it.” I snapped.
“Not hard enough, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you come in minutes late so you can face off against me because neither female nor male can compare against you in class, you tried. I remember your first day here. No one was qualified to be an equal match for you, until I paired off with you because everyone else already had a sparring partner for that day. I know you come in late so you can pair yourself off against me, I’m you’re only challenge. The first time you were late, I didn’t think much of it, after the first week I saw the pattern.”
I paused; I didn’t realize he’d noticed, “Okay great, good for you, you realized my dirty little scheme.” I shrugged slapping my arms to my sides, “It doesn’t matter, I work better on my own.”
“Or maybe you just think that because you don’t have a constant partner to make you better, and you’re just maintaining your current level. You haven’t yet once beaten me at combat, because you’re not learning anything new. Why do you think I have everyone rotate sparring partners every day? Why do you think you keep getting your ass kicked by me?”
My hands started to shake and before I could think I slugged him, “Shut up! Just shut the fuck up! You have no idea what I went through to get here!” Tears itched in my eyes. I swallowed and blinked them back; I was not going to let him tear me down like this. While he was assessing what just happened I stormed off. My pride wounded and my dignity lost to me.
I quickly changed and then went to the local YMCA, and started my personal daily workouts. I ran, swam, boxed any takers though I had to take it easy on some of the men, they hadn’t raised themselves to train for fighting demons. When I finally got back, it was five o’clock and I was tired as hell. I plopped on the couch to rest while watching cartoons and shortly fell asleep.
There was a clicking sound and I jerked awake only to find it was just Zoey getting in from shopping. I had forgotten today was her day off from her part time job at the day care. I relaxed, “Hey Zoe.”
“Hey Eve-, Oh my gawd! Are you okay?!”
“What?” Then I remembered my eye, “Oh yeah, I’m fine, was boxing again at the Y, it’s fine.”
She rolled her eyes and smiled at me, “I swear you come in with more bruises than is necessary sometimes.”
“Speak for yourself, I’ve seen your legs and arms, they’re covered in them. Sometimes I wonder if you’re not really working with little Supermans and Wonder Womans.”
Zoey laughed at that, “Yeah I wonder about that myself, what I really wonder is where your work. I know I shouldn’t ask, but you’re really fit. Are you like a personal trainer or something?”
“Or something.” I grinned.
“How did your advanced yoga class go?”
“Just fine?” She said sounding disappointed.
“Yeah nothing much to say about it.” I nodded, my
mood turning sour again.
“Oh...hey, how about you come with me to my friend Rex’s place? It’s game night, and think you’d have a blast.”
“Can’t in a couple hours I’m meeting up with an old friend of mine.”
“An old friend? Oh! I didn’t mean it like that! I just meant that you don’t get out much except to have dinner with your family or doing your advanced yoga classes.”
I understood her shock but it still grated on my nerves. “Yeah, actually I should probably get going.” I grumbled, getting up.
“You sure you don’t want me to make you something to eat before you go?”
“No, not tonight I’m good.” I said and picked up my bag and slung it over my opposite shoulder and left again. I went down to the basement of the apartment complex and drove off on my silver BMW K1600GT. This trip was going to kill me, but I wouldn’t get any rest till it was done. The trip took half an hour as I drove out of the city and then took a left down a road to the side of the entrance that led me to my true destination. I stopped my bike before I desecrated the grounds, and hopped off. Leaving my belongings with the bike, and carefully walked to the tombstone I needed.
"Hey, its...its me again Pierce. Listen...Zebastyan Shade escape from Helldark, but don't worry. He's heading this way to face his doom. I'm going to take care of him for you. I won't let you down, I promise." A tear trickled down my face as I let my hand caress the stone, "They assigned me a new partner, but I'm not going to let him get in the way of me destroying Zebastyan. I swear." I got up, "I gotta go...I need to train." I whispered now, getting up and took off, returning to Devil's Gate. (6:30 when arrives)
I had to swallow my pride and just do it. I went to the Academy, and found his dorm room and knocked.
The door creaked open and a bare chested Farrell clad only in sweatpants opened the door, he raised his brow, "Night? What are you doing here?"
"Are you going to train me or not?"
A slow smirk crept across his face, "Aye, I will, after dinner."
"You eat dinner this early?"
"It's 6:30, I like to be in bed by 9 so I can get a stable amount of sleep and get up early for training the next day."
"Training? But tomorrow's Thursday."
"Doesn't mean I don't train on those days."
I said nothing, I didn't train in between because I usually had come home from nights of fighting and decapitating demons.
He opened the door wider and stepped aside, and as if he was reading my mind, he asked, “how many demons have you killed this week?"
"24." I answered on cue.
He looked at me with a hint of respect. The norm was usually 15-20. In a city this big, it was a fair amount for me. Ever since the Mythic Civil Rights Act in 1847 we were given the right to kill or arrest Mythics; being demons, fae and other such beings, if they harm humans, Advanced Humans, or even others of their own kind, or if they compromise our existence; Demons, the Advanced Humans, if anyone found out about any of us, the Dark Ages would come back to haunt us. We were the cops of the netherworld as some jokingly like to point out. So we had to take care as many as we could, and I was at the top of the force.

I walked in looking around his dorm, it wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be, for a guy that is. It wasn't a mess, but it wasn't completely orderly either. Can't say much for myself, my room was a little...okay a lot untidy. I figure it this way, organized people are just too lazy to look for things. Besides someone once told me the state of a chaotic room only means that a creative person sleeps there.
Either way, it was interesting to see someone from our line of work have a clean place. Then again, he is a Trainer. He's probably never had to fight a Mythic, or at least not a demon, leaving no time to clean up. Not surprising, unlike Hunters, Trainers were trained to fight, yes, but they were trained to train Hunters, and other Trainers, their other job is to be negotiators, peace keepers, and if they got the opportunity, they could one day become apart of the Line of Order, and pass judgment between our kind and Mythics.
The Line of Order was a bunch of old schmucks both Mythics, generally of the fae lineage and some of our own government officials to declare who gets sentenced to death or Helldark. If you ask me, death was the kindest sentence. Helldark was the equivalent of the normal human's Alcatraz, Helldark was named thus because of what they did to you there. I had heard stories as a kid at Hunter Camp of the tortures they put demons and other beings through, and what happens is hellishly dark and twisted. I heard they strip you of who you are and twist your mind and body beyond all recognition. I almost feared seeing Zebastyan Shade.

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Helldark: a Devil's Gate novelette
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