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 Strength: A Brave Fanfiction

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PostSubject: Strength: A Brave Fanfiction   Tue Feb 18, 2014 4:03 pm

{Okay so here's the beginning of my fanfiction, but I've also decided to make a separate one that involves bits of this story but in a way that it would be Merida's sequeling story because I'm tired of waiting for the directors to come up with an idea when there's clearly so many ways this story can go. Boyd is Young McGuffin and Callum is Young Macintosh. ANd yes I know this has major plot holes from what I've written so far.}

Merely months have passed since Merida had escaped an almost arranged marriage. Now, it's her best friend, Moira McGuffin, Young McGuffin's little sister, who now faces the same ordeal. It's not that Moira doesn't want to marry, it's just the choice of suitor her father chose for her that has Moira all flustered. If it were anyother guy, but no, it had to be him. Young Macintosh.

Moira McGuffin

Age: 16

Hair: Straight blonde

Eyes: Teal

Weapon of choice: poleaxe

Chapter 1: Betrothal

Ever since I was a wee babe, I've looked up to my eldest brother, Boyd McGuffin. My other two brothers were the twins Cedric and Craig. They always liked to tease me when Boyd was gone learning his new fascination; a language from the far areas of Scotland.

One day, I came back from my own private time. I was practicing my hand at the works of a poleaxe. No one ever believed I could wield one, because I was too petite and delicate. It was true that I was very slight in build, but I had the hidden strength of a giant. That's what Boyd says at least. I scaled the castle and entered my room, hiding my weapon beneath my bed, and made sure my two braids that hung down my front were still straight and firm in place. Suddenly there was a knock at my door and I opened it, to find my father, Lord McGuffin.

"Father." I said with a nod.

"Moira, come to dinner we have guests over."

I sighed but nodded and followed, "Alright then."

My father led me into the dining hall and my face paled. It was my worst nightmare. It was the Macintosh boy, Callum Macintosh. I will admit his name was prettily rolled off the tongue, but for all his looks, he wasn't worth the dirt underneath my nails. I remember meeting him when I was a wee lass. He was too much, just a man of action and looks. He was so into him-self it was unseemly.

"Moira, you remember Callum."

"Aye, that I do."

Callum smirked, "Moira."

"Callum, what an…unexpected surprise." Moira said tightly, her cheek muscles twitching.

"Aye, it is."

"Father, what's this about then?"

Callum frowned in confusion, "Ye weren't told?"

"No, what's going on?"

"Moira, Lord Macintosh and I both agreed that you two should be wedded."

"WEDDED!?" Moira exclaimed.

The others gave her odd looks.

"N-No! I-I-I can't!"

"Why ever not?" Lord Macintosh asked, sounding offended.

"B-…Because," I couldn't just tell them I hated Callum, so what would I do?

"Because Merida and I promised to spend a week together before I promised myself to anyone."

"Oh? Is that all then?" Father asked.

I nodded.

They laughed in good humor, and Lord McGuffin said, "If that's all, then of course my wee lass. We'll allow you that much, and during that time, we'll prepare for the wedding."

I sighed in slight relief; I bought time to think things through. Merida was my only female friend, and knowing how she had gone through a similar situation, she'd be able to help me. She would know what to do.

Chapter 2: The Beauty of a Tempest

The only downside of going to Merida's at this point is we'd all be traveling on the same boat. I would have to spend two days in Callum's unwanted company. But, as a lady, I would have to make the best of it.

My hair swayed in the late spring winds, as I stared at the sea, leaning against the rail. Since we were all traveling together we used my father's one large ship.

"It's pretty, but it just doesn't meet my standards." He chuckled, running a hand through his hair., as he came to stand beside me.

"Well, if beauty like the sea is not what qualifies for a female worthy enough to meet your expectations, then your father chose the wrong girl for you. Unless you were talking about yourself, then I don't think you could ever compare to the sea, especially not during her most beautiful moments."

"And when is that then?"

Moira actually smiled at him with a wild gleam in her eye, "When she's got a fierce temper and causing a mighty tempest. Have you ever been? I was born in one. I may have been a wee babe, but I saw it out the window, and it was the most gorgeous thing. Watching the waters of the sea and the storm rile the other up. One day, I hope to be in one, just to experience her majestic stormy nature."

He laughed, "Aye, I've been in many. I will admit, it is stunning, that is if you can stay still long enough to take it in."

Moira laughed, "Or cut your hair so you can see."

He went silent and Moira said with shock, "You're not seriously thinking about it are ye?"

He tossed her a laughing grin, "Not in a thousand years, I was just testing your reaction, to see if you'd actually tell me to oppose the idea. If I acted like I was."

Moira tinted pink and pinched his cheek, "You're a horrible beast ye are."

He just laughed, "Did we just have a pleasant conversation?" Callum teased.

"Aye, but it is our last." Moira said firmly.

"Why do you say that last?"

"You may not remember, or have yet to realize it, but I don't like you."

He raised an eyebrow, "An' why's that?"

"You're conceited and think the world revolves around you."

He smirked, "Ah come on that's not true. I'm just brave, strong and incredibly good looking."

"And boastful."

"What did I do that made you have such a bad taste against me?"

Moira turned back to the sea, "I don't wanna talk about it. But you did something really horrible."

"When? When we were wee babes?"


He rolled his eyes, "You think I'm superfluous, and yet you're complaining over something from when we were children? It was ages ago, how do you expect me to remember something like that?"

Moira shut her eyes and turned for him and just ignored him.

He turned red in the face from anger and growled and got up to stand, "Stubborn brat." He snapped.

Chapter 3 Mistakes

Moira burst into tears and Callum gave a shocked then regretful look as he chased after her, "Moira! Wait! I didn't mean that!" But her cabin door shut on him and locked.

Callum pounded on the door, "Moira! Moira come out! Moira, I didn't mean what I said lass! Can't yeh just come out?" But all he heard through the door was heavy sobbing. He leaned his back against the door and slumped down, head against the door. What a mess he had made of this.

He soon fell asleep, his head wound up in his arms, braced by his knees.

There was a rough but not unkind shake to his shoulder, "Young Macintosh, stand up lad, why you lingerin' about my daughter's cabin?" McGuffin asked.

Callum sighed rubbing his drowsy face, "We got in a fight."

"You didn't hurt her did yeh?"

"No, I would never hit a lady."

"Supper's ready, go meet your father."

Callum did as much and when McGuffin came in without his daughter, he looked to Callum, "You must've said or done somethin' mighty horridsome for her to break into her colorful even pulled the Scottish Swear. But she claims you never laid an ill hand on her. But that's as much as I can say for your defense."

The Macintoshs exchanged glances.

"What the hell did you do lad?" Macintosh exclaimed.

Callum shrugged, "That's just it, I don't know! We were having a pleasant conversation then out of the blue, she starts crying about something I did when we were babes!"

The adults sighed, and after a moment's pause Macintosh asked, "Did ye make any promises ye dinna keep?"

"I don't think so."

"Well think hard lad." McGuffin said.

"Aye, this will be all for naught, if you can't win back her heart. After all you were the one that chimed in, 'A grand idea! Give us our own say in choosing our fate.' No doubt you were thinking about her the entire time. We all know you two bonded nicely as children. You wanted to be free to love whoever you chose and planned this secret betrothal. You're in charge now lad, you must fix it."

Callum nodded, "I'd do anything to fix whatever I did. But I can't fix what I don't know it broken."

"Then wait at her door once more and demand to speak with her. Ladies love a firm strong man who is confident, but not all about themselves." McGuffin said.

Callum tinted pink, "That's a little something she said about me." He sighed, and stood and made a plate and then picked up his own.

"That's it man, now go win back your lass." Macintosh said proudly.

Shortly, Callum stood outside her door once more.

"Moira, open up, I need to speak with ye lass!"

But when he got no response he gentled his tone, "Please, Moira, I want to make amends."

The door opened and he walked in and set the plates down on a table, "Can we talk about what's bothering you? If we ever want this to be at least a mutual understanding marriage, I have to know."

Chapter 4 Amends

Moira shrugged sniffling as she sat down at her table and ate the offered food ravenously, not bothering to be ladylike.
He chuckled lightly, "Hungry?"
"Starving." She said as he sat down with his own food and drink.
"So why didn't ye come to supper?"
She didn't answer.
"Ye dinna want to see me." He answered for her.
Moira gave a nod.
"Pride gets to us all lass, I should know." He smirked.
She shrugged, "I s'pose."
"So what exactly did I do to make you hate me so much?"
Moira looked up at him, "You really don't remember?"
He shook his head.
Moira sighed and began her tale.

*flashback to years ago*

"Merida! Merida! Moira exclaimed happily hugging her best friend.
"'Ello Moira, Boyd."
"Are we waitin' for the other boys?" She asked, remembering Boyd had mentioned there being other first borns of the two other clans.
"Aye, Wee Dingwall and Callum Macintosh." Merida nodded.
"Ne'er met tem b'fore, I hope their nice." Moira said.
"Yeh'll see them soon." Merida said.
The princess, Moira, Boyd and all waited on the shore laughing and telling stories as they waited. Soon the ships came in, and an albino boy and a dark haired boy came running up to them, as they stood. Merida introduced the albino to them as Wee Dingwall, and Callum Macintosh.
Moira smiled, "I'm Moira McGuffin." After a few minutes, they started playing tag and Callum tripped trying to tag Moira and he laughed and randomly said, "When I grow up, you shall be my wife Moira."
Moira giggled, "Nuh uh!"
"I will so!"
"If you want to marry me, you have to build a ship named after me. You must write a sing a ballad for me in tribute, must rescue me from a dangerous man, all before you propose to me."
The others laughed at the absurdity of her conditions.
Callum knelt and said, "I'll do everything you ask my lady."
Moira then kissed his cheek, and ran off laughing.

*Back to present*

"You know only one of the three I really cared about you really doing. If you knew anything about me, you'd know which." She said sadly.
"Which one? I don't remember promising any of that." He said though she knew he genuinely didn't remember.
Moira turned away, "Then must have not been that important to you. I remembered because it was important to me."
Callum opened his mouth to protest but knew he couldn't. He closed his mouth, not knowing what to say and felt incredibly guilty about it. "Is there nothing i can do to make it up to you?"
"Nothing but remember." She huffed, "Just think about what some girls like, maybe that'll give you a hint ye beast. Now get out."
"FIne!" He snapped storming to the door then turned, "Maybe you're right, maybe this betrothal was doomed to begin with!" He then left and slammed the door.
Something was thrown and the door banged.
Callum turned back to look, wanting to comfort her and yet her pride was aggravating and he scowled and grabbed his hair and screamed angirly with frustration. Why did he have to fall for the most whimsical, aggravating, and prideful woman in all of Scotland? Why did he think it was her who he was fated to be with?

Moira screamed beating the walls with anger till she held the bed post and sobbed, she began to realize she hated Callum only because she cared so much. She wanted him to care about and love her as much as she loved and adored him. It was all that drove her crazy about him that made her crazy about him in return. Even though he had changed from the gallant young boy to the man he is today. Maybe it was the battles, the glory, or the girls who fawned over him like he was a god, or maybe all together, but he wasn't the same. Moira wandered if she loved him today as much as she had cared about him then.

Callum was so conflicted, he was angry at himself for making her cry, yet angry at her for holding onto the hope of such frivolous promises.  Those had been made long ago, it should matter now, but it did. He hoped he could make up for it. What of the three things would she like most? A ship? SHe had said she'd love to be on a ship in a tempest again. But he couldn't shake the feeling that wasn't quite what she'd hoped for. The saving her from a dangerous man? No, she seemed at times to be the 'I can save myself type'. The music! Girls loved music! He rushed passed the lords to go to his cabin to start working on the ballad, and who better to make a song of love than a Macintosh whose symbol was a lyre?

For the remainder of his stay he was usually found holed up in the cabin, but no one knew what he was doing as he often yelled to the knocks that he was busy.  When they finally arrived at the port of the Clan Dunbrach, they got off the ship and Moira hugged Merida happily, looking relieved, "It's been to long Merida."
"Aye, I agree." Merida looked over her shoulder scrunching her nose at the sight of Callum, "Thought you had enough of him because he was a conceited troll?"
"I don't. But it's been arranged."
"What!? Even after what happened months ago? Callum thought it was a terrific idea!"
"I know, let's get out of here so we can talk about it."
Merida gave a brief nod and took off with Moira to the stables where they mounted Angus and a creamy white horse and took off. They came to a clearing, and laid on the grass looking out over the ocean at the setting sun, "He didn't remember any of that day when we met and he proclaimed to claim me as his wife. How does one not remember promises like that? Obviously he still wants to marry me, or he wouldn't have agreed to the arrangement."
Merida turned to her, "Do you think that it might not actually be an arranged marriage at all and that he's trying to surprise you with a betrothal from himself?"
Moira cocked her head, "I dinna think of that...but then again, he is Callum can he actually do something like that?"

Callum read and reread his project and thinking no one was around he played on his lyre and sang,

"The Sun is dimmed by your radiance,
Your will empowers your constant defiance,
Your eyes strike our the stars in the sky,
Your hand left without the kiss of the perfect guy,

Gentle gestures aimed at the sea,
Fierce ambitions that set you free,
Hair that whips about with spritely plight,
Moira McGuffin what a lovely sight,

Why settle for second best,
When you're a cut above the rest,
I will take no pass,
For you are the loveliest lass,

Don't fret for your youthful life,
That's night what I expect from my future wife."

Callum smiled with satisfaction, "I hope this works."
"Well I think she'll love it." Eleanor said as she came in and sat beside him, "Moira's going to be a lucky lady."
"I did it to prove I care, she thinks I'm a troll, says so at every chance she gets."
Eleanor chuckled, "You know, girls like testing their suitors, it helps us prepare to see what kind of man we're getting ourselves into. That's what I did with Fergus when it was announced that I was to be betrothed to him."
"Did he pass?"
"Aye, he did. He's everything I could ever hope for. You've got a compassionate heart that others have a hard time seeing. It's buried deep because you're scared you'll get hurt."
Callum  nodded, "I'm going to pass her tests, even if it's the last thing i do."
"Go win her heart Callum Macintosh, and let the gods be with you." She smiled, as he got up, tucking his scroll into his kilt and took off, "Thanks my queen!" He called as he took off, his heart leading the way.

A mile or so from the castle, a festival was being set up, as well as a stage. Lord Macintosh and Lord McGuffin sat with King Fergus drinking their spirits as they talked.
"Do you think she'll accept out of duty or feelings?" Macintosh wondered.
McGuffin sighed, "With that lass, I have no earthly idea. She seems so meek and mild on the outside, and i know she has a tender soul, but i also know she can be very proud. She's certainly her mother's daughter. The hardest battle I ever fought was asking the lass to marry me, she had so many tests to put me through to prove me worth. I assume my Moira will be doing the same. Mark my words Macintosh, you're boy will go crazy with what my lass might pull. But he can't give up if he wants her. He's gonna have tah fight bloody hard to win her heart and keep her."
Macintosh swigged his liquor and smirked, "This shall be entertaining then won't it?"
"Aye that it will." Fergus laughed.

Chapter 5: Fight for Her

The girls arrived shortly before sunset to see the late night festival was now beginning.
"Nice betrothal party aye?" Merida smirked.
Moira smiled rolling her eyes, "Aye, but will it be worth it?"
They stabled the horses and approached the festival and two young men came up to them, it was Wee and Boyd here from a small journey. stands holding torches surrounded the area, making it light and cheerful in a romantic atmosphere.
"Wee! Boyd! WHen did you get here!?" Moira exclaimed hugging the boys.
"Da just brought us here." Wee said hugging Moira back. "How are you girls doing?"
"Good thanks Moira's a little nervous."
"Aye, I'd be nervous if I was marrying Callum too."
They all laughed at the jest.
Boyd spouted words that sounded like gibberish but Moira understood it to be 'How are you handling this?'
MOira shrugged, "There's been complications with him."
"It's the chest jumping thing isn't it?" Wee joked.
The girls laughed, but Moira shook her head, "No, but that is unnerving."
"Haven't seen the twit all day." Wee said.
"Attention!" A voice called out.
Everyone turned to Callum who was on the stage now, holding his lyre looking a tinge bit nervous.
"We um...months ago...when we were finally allowed to find love in our own time, I knew I had a true chance at fighting for the heart of Moira. Under the guise of an arranged marriage, I put together a surprise betrothal. Moira McGuffin, I want you to know I want a second chance to win your love."
Moira gasped clasping her hands over her mouth as she looked in shock at him. Merida and the boys helped her to the front of the crowd.
"Moira I am asking you to marry me, because i know I can't live without you and you've given me every reason to fight for another day in this life. We've had quarrels and who hasn't? You drive me crazy and I know i do the same to you, but I think it's that very reason why we're fated for each other lass."
MOira blushed and laughed at the absurdity of all this.
"I've been reminded by you that love is all about fighting for what you want and keeping promises. I promise you this now, I will build a boat in your name, I will save you from the dangerous clutches of any man who isn't me, but one i can give you now is my voice and song." Callum took a deep breath closing his eyes and then when he opened them he gazed into her eyes and sang as he played, the song he had written.

"Oh my stars." Moira breathed, touched by the words of his ballad. It was no wonder that was their symbol, the lyre. He had a blessing of voice granted by the gods.
He handed the lyre over to his da and pulled Moira up onto the stage.
"You wrote that ballad for me?" She asked lightly her eyes glimmering with hope.
"Aye, that I did." He said smiling as he took her hands in his, as he knelt, "Moira, will you be mine to hold and protect forever?"
"Callum of cour-,"

SUddenly there was a loud crack of thunder and lightning flashed around them and in a puff of smoke a figure clad in black appeared behind them. "Moira will not be marrying you Callum Macintosh." It said.
Callum pulled Moira behind him protectively, pulling out his sword, "Who are you to tell me who she'll be marrying?"
The figure threw down his hood sneering maliciously, green eyes and golden wavy hair pooled around his shoulders, he was beautiful by all accounts with pointed ears, "I am Adrian, the Dark Sorcerer. If you do not relinquish her to me, I will destroy your crops, your home, and all who mean something to you."
The crowd stood in stunned shock, whispering and muttering with anger.
Callum growled, "You'll do nothing of the sort! Now leave here or I'll cut your tongue out!"
"Callum! Don't upset him! What if he does as he says! You could be killing everyone!" Moira protested.
"I will not let anything happen to you or anyone else." Callum assured her.
"Give her to me, or I'll take her and kill everyone anyways."
Moira stepped in front of Callum, "Never forget me Callum, but I will not stand for you risking our friends and family to this man."
"Come on then girl!" Adrian snarled.
Moira gave a sad glance to Callum, and hugged him whispering, "I will find a way to come back to you." SHe then turned away and vanished in a puff of smoke with Adrian.
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Strength: A Brave Fanfiction
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