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 The Great Fedora presents his latest cross-over fanfiction!

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PostSubject: The Great Fedora presents his latest cross-over fanfiction!   Sat Nov 12, 2011 12:14 pm

Azeroth, a home to many peoples, a great planet of peace. They have faced many dangers, many trials, many threats to their way of life, and each time they have had a champion stand up and lead the way back to peace. But now, with the awakening of Deathwing, there has been no one that has been able to face the mighty Dragon. Many have tried to fight him, but all have met with failure at the hands of not only the Dragon but his undead servants, the many different forces that have threatened Azeroth in the past. However, just as things seem to be getting worse, a new hope appears in the form of a meteor!
Somewhere over the Redridge Mountains, near the Human settlement of Northshire, a great ball of fire and metal crashed into the lands, sending the people training there scattering. After a brief moment of panic the Mages there started launching bolts of ice at the metal object to put out the flames while everyone else worked on forming a bucket team to put out the fires that were spreading around the forest. Once they had that done a couple of Paladins cautiously approached the object, their weapons of choice out and at the ready, and examined it when suddenly a green hand reached out of a great hole in one side.
Thinking that it was an Orc, one of the Paladins swung his great sword at the hand just to watch the blade go spinning away as a strange blue, glowing object came out and cut the metal cleanly as though a hot knife through butter. As the fear set in that this was a new form of magic the two Paladins backed away as a great figure stepped down, its green “skin” shining in the sunlight.

As the ship crashed into the ground, Master Chief Petty Officer SPARTAN 117 woke from his deep sleep in the cryo tube smashed it open and said, “Cortana, you still there?”
“Yeah, I’m still here, Chief,” came a voice from the intercom as a blue figure appeared on the podium near the tube. “What can I do for you?”
“Well, for starters, you can get me our location.” 117 said, walking out of the Cryo Bay to find the weapons locker.
“That is actually a good question, Chief. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind going out to investigate.” Cortana replied, grinning at 117 as she appeared on his HUD.
Chuckling, the Spartan walked into the weapons locker and picked up an MA5B, a trusted weapons that had gotten him through a lot of combat, several plasma grenades, a couple of frags, two M6D sidearms, an Energy Sword, and an SRS99-S2 AM. He placed the weapons in various places on his armor as he grabbed them, making sure that each of them was properly and securely attached via the magnetic system of his armor before moving onto the next, ending with a rocket launcher. He then ran to the part of the ship that had been severed from the rest of the cruiser and reached out just in time to get swung at by a metal sword.
Seeing the great metal weapon the Chief activated his own Energy Sword and sliced at the blade, severing it from the hilt. He then watched as the stunned man backed away with his partner as 117 stepped out, his energy shield finally reaching full charge. He said over the speaker system, “Where the hell am I?”
“What are you?” a man asked as he suddenly appeared behind him. “And what brings you to our peaceful settlement?”
Spinning around, the Chief leveled his MA5B with the head of the man and said, “I am Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan-117 of the United Nations Space Command Navy, and I demand that you answer my questions before I answer any more of yours.”
“Very well, I suppose that is a reasonable request.” the man said, reaching into the sleeve of his robes and pulling out a scroll, “It appears that you may not be of our world, so first I shall tell you that you are on Azeroth, home of the Alliance and the Horde. You are currently in the settlement of Northshire in the northern regions of the Elwynn Forest.”
“Cortana, run everything that you can on ‘Azeroth’.” The Chief said after clicking off the microphone in his helmet, “I want to know more about the system that we have managed to get ourselves to.”
“I’m on it, Chief.” Cortana replied, scrolling text running across her entire body as she did a scan of every system known to mankind. “Well, you’re not going to believe my results. The only thing I got when I ran a search for Azeroth is something called World of Warcraft, which is a video game that was developed in the late twentieth century and was a massively multiplayer online role playing game. It took place on the world of Azeroth.”
“So you’re saying that we have somehow managed to end up in a game?” the Master Chief asked, perplexed at this sudden revelation.
“Quite the contrary. I believe that this is actually a real planet and that the people who programmed the game just didn’t know it.” Cortana said matter-of-factly.
The Master Chief looked down at the man standing in front of him and sighed, lowering his weapon as he said, “It appears that we may have a lot to learn of each other.”
“I would assume so.” The man said, waving a hand in front of him. “Would you mind accompanying me to the capital to meet with a council of leaders?”
“I would not mind.” the Master Chief said, shrugging his shoulders to adjust the weight of the weapons on his back. “Just allow me to do something real quick.”
The Master Chief walked around the portion of the ship that he had arrived in to the tip of it, then lifted it up over his head with both hands and carried it over to a secluded area and set it down, then placed Lotus anti-tank mines all around the area and placed a sign in front of them that warned not to go any further or risk death. He then walked back to the astounded people near where he had crashed and said, “I am ready.”

"Wat da ‘ell be takin’ dat ‘uman so long ta get ‘ere, mon?” the frustrated Troll representative, a Troll Shaman by the name of Jabkal, exclaimed, pounding a gloved fist on the table.
“Have patience, Shaman Jabkal. I assure yuu zhat he shall be here een due time.” spoke up the Draenei that was sitting to his left, placing one of her hands on his larger ones. “Fur nov just let us focus un zhe beegger matter uf zhe crazed Aspect, Deathveeng.”
Jabkal sighed as he looked at his friend of thirteen years and started to relax before realizing that she had used one of her powers as a Priestess of the Naaru on him, as she always did when she was trying to get him to relax. He gave a soft chuckle and said, “Wy did I eva decide not ta kill ja, Liasna?”
“Because uf zhe fact zhat I almost killed yuu first, and zhat I zhen had tu go and save your ass.” replied the Death Knight Priestess, giggling as she paused in the positive energy to allow him some of his rage at the fact that she could easily defeat him.
“Will the two o’ ye quit yer lollygagging and git yer arses back on topic!” called out a Dwarf by the name of Giller McHammion, gagging at the sight of the two friends. “Ye be makin’ some o’ the rest o’ us sick with yer ‘luvey-dovey’ shit!”
“Giller, you need to get over it and just accept the fact that you will never be able to have her for she has already been taken,” teased Vikita, the twin sister of Liasana.
“That is nonsense, lassie!” Giller said, his face turning beet red. “Why would a proud Dwarf o’ the Aerie be fallin’ in love with a slayer o’ countless innocents such as her?”
Liasana was suddenly in the Dwarf’s face, a great blade gripped in her hand as her eyes glowed blood red, and she said, “Zhat vas unly because I vas furced tu keell zhem by zhe Leech Keeng! Nuw, eef yuu vant tu keep yuur head, I suggest zhat yuu never breeng zhat up again!”
Nodding, Giller backed away from the enraged Death Knight, the front of his pants wet because of the fear instilled in him thanks to the woman. He slowly walked over to his seat at the great table, the look on his face showing that he was still fearful of the woman and her blades. Relaxing, Liasana sat back down in her seat next to Jabkal and took up sending calming urges through him once more while he attempted to soothe her with the Elemental powers of water.
“Well, seeing as we are all here, I assume that it is safe to begin.” said a voice from the main doorway, “Master Chief, please take the vacant seat next to Giller.”
Everyone in the room turned to the doorway in time to see a giant figure wearing gleaming, green armor, the faceplate of its helmet reflecting the room back at them with a golden hue. The figure walked over to the Dwarf and stood there, hands clasped behind its back and feet planted together, standing as straight as a plank of wood. Everyone stared at the great figure and all the items that it carried on it, wondering what each and every one of them was.
“Everyone, I would like you to meet our guest.” said the man that had accompanied the great figure, taking a seat at the head of the table.
“I am Spartan-117 Master Chief Petty Officer.” the figure said, his deep voice resonating around the entire room. “And this is Cortana, my AI unit.”
“Hello there. It is nice to meet all of you.” said a female voice from the same figure as a blue image appeared on the table and looked around at everyone. “Please excuse the formalness of my friend here. He’s a Spartan, and it has been ingrained into him that he has to maintain his formality at all times, even when he’s supposed to be relaxing.”
“Cortana, do you ever stop hacking into files you’re not supposed to see?” asked the male voice.
“But what fun would that be?” Cortana asked, looking up at the figure despite the fact that her voice came from there.
“Well, if ye’re done bickerin’ with yerself, perhaps we can get back to the business at hand.” Giller said, eying the green figure with distrust. “Deathwing is comin’, an’ so far no one has been able to defeat the bastard, with an even smaller number comin’ back alive!”
“And dat not even be da worst part! Da Elemental spirits still be in pain, and suffering every day while we sit here casually discussing da topic!” Jabkal exclaimed, tossing his free hand in the air, “I tell ya, mon, dat Deathwing canna be da cause of all dis chaos!”
“Actually, it is possible for that to happen.” came a response from an unexpected source.
“Please, blue one, do tell us what you know.” said Bracktanus, the representative for the Orcs.
“Yes, Cortana. Explain yourself.” said the Master Chief.
“Well, if I am reading the file that I have correctly, this Deathwing that you speak of is a great Dragon that was sealed away for centuries because of the fact that he was using his powers as one of the main five Dragons for evil, slaughtering without discretion so as to make a new generation of his own children. Well, with all the time that he has been away he may have gathered enough power that he can now do things that he normally wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.” Cortana said, text scrolling across her body.
“Yes, I remember this happening with the Flood. Eventually one of them gained enough intelligence and became the Grave Mind, which made the Flood act with more control.” the Master Chief said.
“Exactly. Dormancy can cause one to attain more power, more intelligence, more desire, to the point where they are able to do things unheard of, which I believe this to be a case of.” Cortana stated, finishing the explanation.
“So ye’re sayin’ that we have nay a chance o’ defeatin’ this beastie?” Giller demanded, his voice quivering in fear.
“What she’s saying is that if you wish to destroy this monster you have to use new methods, new technology, new anything! You have to do whatever it takes to defend what is yours and eliminate the threat.” the Spartan calmly said, pulling off of his back a bulky object.
“And just how, exactly, do you intend on doing that? For we have thrown against Deathwing everything that we have; yet still he is here to terrorize us.” Spoke up the representative of the Sin’Dorei.
“Why, my good Blood Elf, we have yet to use this man’s methods to see if they will work on the mad Aspect! Let us see if this man has what is necessary to help us finally take down this monster and restore Azeroth to its former glory!” exclaimed the Tauren Druid who represented his kind at the meeting.
“Yes, let us test this stranger to see if he will be able to defeat Deathwing, leader of the Black Dragonflight, destroyer of worlds.” Added the Kel’Dorei Druid.
There was a general murmur of agreement running around the table when the robed man rose in his seat and held up his hands for silence as a roar emitted from somewhere overhead. As everyone fell quiet more roars could be heard as the first one grew closer, and was quickly followed by the sound of something heavy landing on top of the building. Everyone right away picked up their weapons and rushed out of the room to investigate when they ran into a woman wearing close-fitting red and gold armor with pale white skin, Elf-like ears, a long sword sheathed at her side. She approached the group with an air of importance, her fire-red hair flowing down her back like living flames.
“Korialstraz, he comes.” The woman said as she approached the robed man who had met with the Spartan.
“Damnit, he regained power from our last assault on him faster than I expected.” The robed man said as the woman reached him. “We must warn the others. If you contact your sister then I will gather your brothers.”
“Be careful with Malygos. I have heard that his madness is starting to get worse, and that he has frozen many a Dragon who tried to contact him, sometimes froze them for no better a reason than for just making it into his lair.” The woman said, concern causing her voice to rise a little bit.
“Worry not, Alexstraza, for I shall not allow him to even get close to touching me.” the robed man said with a grin, “He has not been able to get through my defenses for years, so there is no chance that he will be able to do so now.”
“Just be safe.” Alexstraza said before running off.
“Hey, Krasus, get your ass over here!” came a voice from further down the hall.
“I’m coming, Rhonin.” the robed man said, then turned to the Spartan, “I want you to lead everyone here outside now. Deathwing is coming, giving us as good a shot at testing our theory then nothing.”
The Master Chief nodded and took the larger item that he was carrying and put it over his shoulder and ran outside, where right away he started barking orders at everyone outside. He shouted for people to gather in a formation to prepare for ground troops while the Mages gathered to defend everyone from an aerial assault, everyone on edge for they knew the power of the great being heading towards them. But the Master Chief, knowing nothing of Deathwing, stood there, not knowing what to expect or where to focus his fire until a great, black head rose over the buildings and let out a great roar as an army of undead came swarming in.
“Just like old times.” the Chief said with a chuckle as he leveled his rocket launcher and took aim at the head.
“Chief, watch out!” Cortana exclaimed as the great head launched a fireball at the Master Chief.
Having already seen it coming, the Master Chief was already on the move and rolling away from the area that the ball of flames struck, killing the foolish man that had decided to run up for some unknown reason. He then took the rocket launcher that he had made sure to grab while on the ship and opened fire on the head, which was momentarily engulfed in flames and smoke, but when it cleared it was to the dismay of the Chief for it was still intact. It then let out a harsh laugh that forced him to turn down the audio receptors of his armor, and launched yet another fireball at him. Prepared for it, the Master Chief fired another rocket, this time aiming for the inside of the mouth, and just as the rocket hit the head snapped its jaws shut, but not in time to prevent the great projectile from getting in and damaging the soft material that made up the inside of the mouth. It let out a great roar of pain as the rest of the body appeared, causing the troops to start running around in fear, only to calm down as they saw it fly away.
The Master Chief quickly reloaded his rocket launcher before firing at the hordes of the undead, watching the body parts go flying away as he hit his mark far enough away from the living to not harm them. He then launched another missile, dropped the launcher, and pulled his primary weapon off of his back: the MA5B that had always served him well over the many years that he had been in the service of the UNSC, and had not once failed him. He jumped in the middle of the fray and started shooting at the undead creatures, their rotting bodies falling apart as the metal slugs ripped through what was left of their flesh, and pressed forward, creating a path for others to follow in order to push the entire force out of the city. With a constant eye on his ammo counter, the Master Chief led the attack until finally they were beyond the walls and he ran out of ammo. He put his weapon on his back, pulled out his Energy Swords, and started slicing away, thankful that the Arbiter had been kind enough to upgrade it so that it would constantly recharge. For several hours he destroyed the undead that surged forward, seemingly from nowhere, slicing away at the limbs that reached for him before slicing down the rest of the body.
Finally the undead forces turned around and fled, leaving behind the fallen of their ranks to be systematically destroyed by the forces that the Master Chief led. When finally the last skull had been smashed the Master Chief turned around and raised into the air a Gravity Hammer that he had pulled off of a Jiralhanae back on Earth and requested the Arbiter to give a charging unit to. As he raised the great hammer the forces yelled out one of two things: “For the Horde!” or “For the glory of the Alliance!” Perplexed, the Master Chief looked around at the hodgepodge force that he was in charge of and muttered, “What the hell have I gotten myself into?”
“I see that you have led the combined forces of the Alliance and the Horde to victory.” said a familiar voice as a great figure came down from the skies above the great city.
Leveling his MA5B, the Master Chief spun around on his heels and aimed at the great figure floating down and was about to open fire when a man on the back of the creature waved down, a staff that was giving off a blue glow resting upon his back. As the two landed the Chief noticed that the great creature was a red Dragon, a creature he had heard about in legends of centuries long ago… and now, here one was, standing before him, its red scales gleaming in the sunlight. Stunned at the magnificence of the beast, the Master Chief stared at it, unable to keep a hold upon his weapon as his arms fell to his sides, the only thing keeping it from falling to the ground being the magnetic system in his gauntlets.
“Well, seeing as the Chief here is too stunned for words, I believe that I shall say hello.” Cortana said.
“Greeting, Cortana. I see that the battle went well.” the great Dragon said.
“Indeed it did. And now I believe that it is time for an introduction.” Cortana countered.
“Indeed it is.” the man that was upon the back of the great creature said as he jumped down, “This is Korialstraz, main consort to Alexstraza, the great Aspect of the Red Dragonflight. And I am Rhonin, Archmage of the Kirin Tor.”
“It is a pleasure to meet the both of you.” Cortana said through the Chief’s speakers. “Now, if the Chief would just snap out of his daydream about 032 then perhaps he would be able to properly introduce himself.”
“Cortana, will you stop invading my thoughts?” the Chief exclaimed, his face turning red beneath his helmet.
“Not if it gets your attention like that.” Cortana said with what sounded like a slight giggle.
The Chief looked at the great Dragon and the Archmage and said, “I am Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan-117 of the United Nations Space Command Navy,” saluting as he talked.
“Well, Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan-117, it is a pleasure to meet you.” Rhonin said, holding out a hand to the armored figure.
The Chief stood for a second before taking the man’s hand and shaking it, “Please, either Master Chief or 117. It’s easier to say.”
“Very well, Master Chief. Now, tell me, what are you doing here?” Rhonin asked as he waved his hand, a table with a full spread appearing before him along with two chairs, and took a seat, motioning for the Chief to do so as well.
“I don’t know. My ship landed here after being cut in half while entering Slipspace, and somehow managed to float all the way over here. According to the internal clock of my armor I was up there for about three months before finally entering orbit around your planet and crashing down into the settlement that you call Northshire.” The Chief said as he took the offered seat.
Taking a bite of some of the steak on the table before him, Rhonin contemplated what he was hearing while offering the Chief some of the food, “So, it sounds to me as though you have been brought here by the Light to save us in these times of great peril.”
“I don’t know about any light guiding me, but I do know that I need to get back to my ship and gather some supplies there if I am to help you to take down this ‘Deathwing’ that you all talk about.” the Chief said, crossing his arms over his chest, “I am also going to be needing some help in repairing the damages done to my ship so that I can get it up and running once more.”
“You have the aid of all of our smiths. I would recommend finding a way to get it to Ironforge so that you will have better access to the Dwarves that will be assisting you through most of the work.” Rhonin said. “Please, take me to where it is so that we may get it transported.”
Nodding, the Chief stood up and turned around on his heel and walked towards Northshire, where In Amber Clad was still resting. Once there he carefully made his way through the mines that he had laid out as the great Dragon flew overhead, having spotted him, and swooped down to pick up the great ship as the Chief jumped in, detonating the Lotus mines as soon as In Amber Clad was a safe distance away. Inside the hull of the ship the Chief walked to the cryo tube that he had been in and opened it up, resting down in it.
“Cortana, can you give me an ETA?” the Chief asked.
“Already on it, Chief.” Cortana said as her blue form appeared on the holoprojector in the Cryo Bay, “I would say that the ETA, at these speeds, would be ten to fifteen minutes.”
“Alright. Then in that time span, give me a sit rep. I need to know everything that you know about the situation that we are in.”
With a grin Cortana sat cross-legged and said, “Gladly, Chief.”
Shaking his head, the Master Chief closed his eyes underneath his helmet and allowed himself one of his rare moments of rest.

Unknown to the Master Chief or to Cortana, there was a stowaway on In Amber Clad, one that was not entirely too friendly. The Jiralhanae chieftain activated the stealth unit of his armor and slowly crept up to the final door that he had yet to explore when suddenly he felt the ship moving underneath him. Curious but not worried, he continued forward until he reached the open doorway and saw the demon lying in a strange tube while the image of the AI sat upon a pedestal, neither of them aware of the danger that slowly approached. He pulled his Gravity Hammer off of his back as he approached and raised it over his head, preparing to strike down the demon that had destroyed the Halo ring, when he heard a voice from the hallway saying, “Master Chief, are you in here, sir?”
Cursing under his breath the proud Jiralhanae chieftain backed away slowly, placing his Gravity Hammer upon his back once more, and watched as a strange creature entered from the hallway and approached the creature.
“Ah, Master Chief, there you are.” the creature said as it picked up its pace and walked up to the side of the demon.
“May I help you?” the demon said without looking up.
“My name is Vira, one of the Four Sisters Magi. I have come here to offer you the assistance of myself and my sisters.” the horned one said to the demon as he sat up in his tube.
“Well, Ms. Vira, I normally work alone, but I suppose that I shall accept the help of you and your sisters as long as you stay out of my way.” the demon replied.
“If you live, that is!” shouted the Jiralhanae chieftain as he deactivated his stealth unit and jumped into the air, bringing his Gravity Hammer down to smash the head of the horned one when she suddenly turned around with a great orb of fire, ice, and purple energy in her hand and launched it at him, killing him instantly. And as his body fell to the ground, the woman turned back around to the Master Chief and said, “I do not think that I’ll be getting in your way.”
With a grin the Master Chief turned to Vira and said, “I believe that you shall actually prove to be of great help to me.”
Vira winked at him as she walked over to the body of the creature and picked up the hammer that it had dropped and said, “Such a crude yet sophisticated weapon. What can you tell me of it?”
“The Gravity Hammer is just as you described it: crude, yet sophisticated.” the Master Chief said, getting out of the tube that he was laying in and walking over to her. “When this weapon smashes into its target it will send a shockwave through them, sending them flying backwards. When its charge is gone it turns into a brutal weapon for smashing heads in. This one looks as though it does not have much of a charge left on it, so I would recommend that we put this into storage.”
“My, you seem to have quite the knowledge of weapons.” Vira said, circling the man.
“Spartans were trained to be versatile in the use and knowledge of any and all weaponry of both human and Covenant design.” replied the Chief, eyeing the Draenei woman.
Just as the woman was about to make a response a wave a alien creatures swarmed into the Cryo Bay from the main door, barking madly as they swarmed all over the place, unusual objects glowing in their hands. As they swarmed the green glow of the objects seemed to come flying off of them just as the Master Chief dipped into a roll, pulling the Draenei with him, and the blobs of light went past them. When Vira looked back up she saw that those blobs of light had hit the wall, and where they hit the wall was starting to melt. And through the hole that was melted through the wall came a strange, fungus-looking thing, followed by another one, then yet another. Soon hundreds of the little things were swarming out of the hole, and the Master Chief, who was still carrying Vira, cursed out loud as he pointed the strange rifle that he had been carrying on his back and opened fire on the creatures, but instead of having to pull the trigger multiple times he just held it down, unleashing a stream of bullets that burst the little things as they got hit.
“Damnit, I thought that I had wiped out the Flood!” the Chief cursed as he ran, ejecting the empty mag and sliding a new one in before opening fire again.
“What is this flood that you speak of?” Vira asked, looking around for any sign of water but seeing none.
“The Flood is a parasitic life form that infects the bodies of those that they manage to get into and turn them into their own, mutating the body to the point where you can no longer recognize them, their ‘Combat Form’. After a while the body will become bloated, creating what we call the ‘Carrier Form’, and when they explode, whether on purpose or by being shot, they unleash a swarm of the ‘Infect Form’, which is what is chasing us right now. And if we run into a ‘Pure Form’, then we are in serious trouble.” Master Chief explained as he continued to shoot at the Infect Forms that were swarming all over the aliens, killing them but not turning the bodies into Combat Forms.
“Well then, why aren’t they infecting those little ones?” Vira demanded as she launched a fireball at the Flood.
“Scientists back on Earth figured that because of the fact that the Grunts breathe methane, which is a highly toxic and freezing gas, the Flood is unable to infect them for they would freeze. And as you have just discovered, they don’t like fire.” the Master Chief pointed back to the Flood, where the fireball had just hit and the Infect Forms were avoiding the flames.
“Well then, it is too bad that Vikita is not here. She could take care of all of these things in one blast.” the Draenei woman said with a giggle.
“Now is not the time!” Master Chief growled as he dropped a glowing, blue object on the ground as he ran, which blew up a couple seconds later just as the Flood were catching up to them.
The two suddenly emerged into the sunlight as they reached the area where In Amber Clad had been cut in two by the sudden closing of the Slipstream while the ship was still entering it, and the Chief had to catch himself to keep him and the woman from falling into the mountains that were looming up at them. Placing his rifle on his back, the Chief looked at the woman in his arms and said, “You may want to hold on,” then jumped, keeping his feet under him as they plummeted to the earth. The Dragon that was carrying the ship noticed nothing of the man that had jumped but Rhonin did, and he right away reached into a pouch at his waist and pulled out a feather, muttering a quick spell of feather fall.
The Chief noticed himself falling slower and slower, to the point where he was frustrated and feared that the Flood was going to reach them, until he saw the ground beneath his feet. He gently set the woman on the ground and pulled his MA5B assault rifle off of his back and quickly looked around the area, making sure that it was clear, then lowered the weapon. His breathing easier, he took in his surroundings and took note of several bird women hidden in the rocky surface of the surrounding area, most of the creatures not wearing any clothing while the rest had minimal clothes. The curious creatures looked down at the man until they noticed his companion, another woman, and screeched. They started flying towards the two, some of them with crackling balls of energy in their hands, and started attacking.
The Chief, seeing the creatures for the threat that they were, opened fire with his MA5B, spraying the strange women full of rounds and quickly reloading, while Vira launched the same orb of fire, ice, and energy at them as she had the Brute, both of them slaughtering the creatures. For what seemed like hours the two destroyed the creatures, fighting back-to-back, but they kept coming on, endlessly. When finally the final one fell the Chief looked around to see if there were any more of the damned creatures, lowering his weapon once he was satisfied that he and Vira were once more alone. With a sigh he placed the gun on his back and counted the number of mags that he had left and was shocked to see that only three remained, with fifteen rounds left in the current mag.
“Please tell me that there are some people here that can help me to make some bullets for my gun.” the Chief said.
“Actually, I am quite certain that I could buy you some ammunition once we make it to Ironforge. The Dwarves there would be glad to make for you what you require.” Vira said with a wink.
“Thank you ma’am.” the Chief said, leaning back against a rock, “Now, how do we get to this Ironforge that you speak of?”
“Oh, it is quite simple.” Vira said with a giggle, “You see, from here I can create a portal that will send us to the Mystic Ward of the great Dwarven city.”
With a chuckle the Chief nodded for the woman to do so, suspecting that that was how she had gotten onto In Amber Clad in the first place. He watched as the Draenei Mage pulled out of a pouch at her side a stone with a glowing rune on it and started chanting in a strange language, and as she chanted he felt himself fill with power. After a couple of seconds of chanting the woman stopped as a great oval appeared in the air before her, a scene of people going about their day-to-day business in the great city in the middle of it. He watched the scene for a while before turning back to the woman to see her motioning for him to step forward. Perplexed, the Chief scratched his head and stared at the floating oval in front of him before tentatively stepping into it. However, as soon as his foot touched the oval he was yanked from where he stood and sent flying through what felt to him like Slipspace, and when he finally felt solid ground under his feet he found himself in the midst of that image that he had seen in the oval.
“Welcome to Ironforge, my good friend.” Vira said when she appeared next to him a second later.
The stunned Spartan looked around at the bustling people, noting the different races that were mingling together for the common good of each other, and the ringing of steel on steel sounded through the air. He wandered out of the section that he was in into the central area where he saw what looked like a giant medieval forgery, molten metal falling into a moat-like area, and people of all races, though mainly Dwarves, were working on making weapons of all sort. The Master Chief wandered into this area and just took in the entire sight with awe, one of the first times in his life that he had truly been struck silent by such a magnificent sight, and continued to wander until a gentle hand was on his shoulder and Vira was leading him towards one gruff-looking Dwarf who was working on a rifle that was sitting in his lap.
“Agdar, I’d like you to meet the Master Chief Petty Officer,” Vira said as she led the way to the Dwarf, “117, this is our Master Gunsmith, Agdar McGlintok.”
“Well, it be a pleasure ta meet ya, laddie.” McGlintok said, holding out a hand to the Spartan.
The Chief nodded as he shook the Dwarf’s hand, then asked, “I’m wondering if you could possibly make some rounds for me like these,” holding out a round that he pulled from the mag in his rifle.
“Fer a friend o’ one o’ the Sisters, there be no problem!” McGlintok said, “Besides, this be an easy one to make. In fact, I may have something of the same caliber made already. Come with me to my shop.”
The Dwarf took the rifle that he was working on and slung it over his shoulder then led them out of the central forge area into another, more militaristic area of the city, and from there he went to a building near a door with some strange mechanisms. Inside of the building was a vast array of rifles, bows, crossbows, and even a couple of throwing knives here and there. The Master Chief stared at all of the weapons in amazement before remembering his task and followed the Dwarf down the stairs into the basement area, where he went rummaging through boxes while mumbling to himself. When finally he walked back up he held out to the Chief a single round and said, “Here, try this one out, laddie. And if it ain’t right then just tell me and I’ll be sure to get ta work right away on replicating yer round and the fancy case that ya use ta carry them in.”
The Chief nodded as he ejected the mag that was in his rifle along with the round in the chamber before sliding in the new round. He then walked over to a target that he saw set up and aimed down the sight of his rifle and pulled the trigger, watching the round go flying from his rifle and into the target. He grinned as he looked over to the Dwarf and asked, “How many rounds do you have?”
The eager Dwarf pulled out a box from among all the others and said, “Well, this here would be the most that I can offer ye as there are other customers that I still have to serve, but this here box contains ‘bout three thousand rounds.”
“Do you know anyone that could possibly make me some magazines for the ammo?” the Chief asked as he picked up the box with ease and placed it upon his shoulder.
“’Course I do! Though, he ain’t one to be too fond o’ the Sisters, so it may take a bit o’ gold.” McGlintok said.
“Not a problem for me, good Dwarf.” Vira said as she slipped a pouch onto the Dwarf’s belt, “And that there is your payment for the ammunition.”
“Nonsense, lassie!” the Dwarf exclaimed, shoving the pouch back at her, “I owe ye this favor fer the time that ye save me arse from that durned Orc.”
Vira smiled as she removed a couple of golden coins from the pouch and handed them to the Dwarf, taking the note that he handed her. She then took the Spartan by the arm and led him out, the note in her hands.
“I fear that Agdar may be right about the one who can help us being a bit reluctant to help us.” Vira said as she stored the note away, “He is a Dark Iron Dwarf, a sub-race of Dwarves that is not too friendly with either the Horde or the Alliance, and will always be an enemy of the Dwarves of the Alliance.”
“Well then, if he doesn’t take the payment of the mags then perhaps I will be forced to use my own version of persuasion on him.” the Master Chief said, pulling a Gravity Hammer off of his back.
“Yes, they always do seem to respond well to persuasion of that kind.” Vira said with a giggle, still holding onto the Spartan’s arm as she led him to where the Dark Iron Dwarf worked.
Right away as they approached the workstation the Dwarf that was sitting there, his grey skin pointing him out as being different from the rest, glared at the two that were approaching him, knowing exactly who it was that he was about to deal with. He sat up straight in his stool and started reaching for the mace that he hid under his table in case of emergencies when he noticed that the figure in green armor carried a giant mace, the head of it larger than his head and blue lines tracing the entire weapon.
“Well, what can I do ye fer?” the Dwarf demanded, scowling at the two.
“For starters you can move your hand away from the weapon that you have hidden away.” the armored figure said, hefting the great mace that it carried, “And secondly, I hear that you would be able to replicate for me one of these.”
The figure dropped onto the table a metal box with an entire side missing, and in that side was inserted gun ammo. The Dwarf took some time to examine the box before saying, “Aye, I can do it, but for a price.”
“How about your life as the price, and you never speak of this design ever again?” the armored figure said, the great mace it carried very close to his face.
The Dwarf nodded and right away got started on making the box, while the Master Chief and Vira walked away, both of them grinning. Vira took the Master Chief on a tour of the great city of Ironforge, showing him all the different sectors and where he could find the different things that he may need. She then brought him over to a small building that looked very different from the rest of the underground structures, for instead of being made from the same rough stone as the other buildings it looked as though it was carved from a single block of marble. The Chief stared at the flawless structure, trying to discern what could possibly have caused such a magnificent building to have been created, and where they got a single block of marble large enough for it, when he remembered that he was standing beside a Mage who could conjure great things. Silently, he followed the Draenei woman inside of the small structure to see that the inside was actually quite larger than the outside.
“Welcome to my simple home here in Ironforge.” Vira said as she sat down on a couch in front of a small fireplace, “Please, do relax. And worry not of people seeing you, for this place is safeguarded by both magical and mundane methods.”
The Chief took a deep breath and walked over to the Draenei woman and asked, “Where is the nearest room that I can use to change?”
“Down the hallway, third on the left. You may use that room during your stay here at Ironforge.” Vira said with a slight giggle, “In there you will find that I have some clothes for any guests. Just write down the description of the clothing you require and it will be in the dresser.”
The Chief nodded and followed the instructions of the Mage, arriving quickly at the room. Once he entered he noticed the dresser that Vira spoke of and walked up to it, spotting a notepad that was on top of it, and he understood what Vira had meant when she said to write the description of the clothing. He picked up the pen that was resting next to the bad and fully described the dress uniform that he always wore when out of his MJOLNIR armor, and when he finished the words vanished to be replaced by the words “OPEN THE DRAWER”. When he did he saw the uniform, and when he put it on after going through the five minute procedure to remove his armor, he noted that it fit perfectly.
“What are you doing in there, taking a shower?” came Vira’s voice from down the hallway, followed by a small giggle.
The Chief rolled his eyes as he stepped out of the room and walked down the hall to find that the Draenei woman had changed from the robes that she had been wearing before into a black dress with a cut out portion in the shape of a heart and was sipping at a small glass of wine. She winked at him as he entered and motioned with her free hand for him to join her on the couch. When he did, he sat there stiffly and with a blank expression on his face. Giggling, Vira held out a glass of wine to him, saying, “You need to learn to relax. You’re not in a battle right now.”
The Chief closed his eyes and took a deep breath before doing as she said and allowing himself to relax, accepting the glass of wine the she offered him. After just a couple of moments the two were talking as though they were old friends that had known each other for years, each of them talking of their adventures and battles that they had fought, and all the places that they had seen. They also started comparing the differences between their different technologies and methodologies, comparing even the mannerisms of the different peoples. And when finally they finished their talking they each went into their rooms and slept peacefully, awaiting the next day and the work that they had waiting for them. But before they went off, the Chief shared with her something no one besides a select few actually knew. He shared with her a name.

"Why the hell did he jump out of the ship like that?” Rhonin asked of the man sitting across him from the campfire, snacking on a strudel that he had conjured.
“I don’t know, Rhonin, but I am certain that he had a very good reason.” Krasus replied, looking over his shoulder at the object that was lying behind him, “The Master Chief is an intelligent man, and I am certain that he would not ever wish to abandon his ship without reason.”
“I suppose that you’re-” Rhonin started before standing up, his staff appearing in his hand.
At the exact moment when Rhonin stood up a green light went flying past his head, narrowly missing, and hitting a rock. The great Archmage right away retaliated with a fireball, which lit up the area that it hit. The light provided from that fireball revealed a gruesome sight.
A horribly disfigured creature was slowly approaching the two men.
Upon seeing the creature stumbling towards them Krasus stood up and launched a fireball at it, instantly burning the thing to nothing, but only to reveal swarms of tiny little things come swarming from behind it. Rhonin instantly brought up his staff and cast a spell of defense, heat right away starting to radiate from his body, as Krasus ran off towards the things, a sword appearing in his hand. As soon as Krasus got close to little things they started jumping onto him, large stingers attempting to probe into his skin, but just as they were about to they would fall off as though some unseen force inside of the man killed the little things. The two men continued their assault on the creatures, Rhonin launching fireballs while Krasus sliced at the creatures. For what seemed like hours of endless fighting the creatures were finally stopped and flowing back in the direction of the ship. The two men looked to each other as they came to the conclusion as to why the Chief had jumped out.

The next morning, Rhonin woke up to find that the Dragon that was carrying the ship was already hovering over the thing, tentatively holding the object by the tips of his claws. Rhonin gathered some of the Arcane energies stored within him and focused upon the spot where he usually sat and suddenly was tightened for a brief second before appearing upon the back of the great Dragon, and he gave a great sigh.
“Well, my friend, it looks as though we are going to have to keep an eye out for those things from last night. I want to make sure that they’re all stored away within this thing so that the Chief can take care of them when we reach Ironforge.” Rhonin said.
“Very well, but I do not believe that we shall be seeing them any time soon.” the Dragon replied, “They are tiny, thus allowing them to infiltrate into any crack that they may find in the mountains. By the time that we get there then those creatures may have already arrived.”
“Well, better safe than sorry, I always say.” Rhonin countered as he scanned the ground.

"Good morning, Chief.” Vira’s voice giggled through the closed door of the room that the Master Chief was in, in the middle of his usual routine workout.
“The door is open.” he called out, pausing between each crunch, then went back to counting in his head.
The door to the room opened and Vira stepped in, her robes dusted with snow from the mountain side. The Chief finished the crunch that he was working on, number three hundred, and started on push-ups, while she sat down on the bed and watched him for a while.
“So, Rhonin has arrived with the ship and has informed me that he and Krasus, a fellow Mage of the Kirin Tor, were attacked last night.” Vira said once the Chief had done about a hundred push-ups. “From his description of his attackers, it was the Flood.”
“Did any escape?” the Chief asked as he continued his routine.
“We don’t know. We’re going to be starting a sweep for them throughout the entire mountain range. As you are the one with the most knowledge on them, I am wondering if you would care to join us in the hunt.” Vira said.
“Well, seeing as how you put it that way, gladly.” the Chief said as he stood up and moved towards his armor in the corner of the room. “I would have wanted to join, anyways. I had thought that I had wiped them out, but it appears that I was wrong.”
“I understand. Then let us get going.” Vira said.
The Chief quickly grabbed his armor and changed into it, leaving the dress uniform on the ground in his rush. He then picked up his MA5B and Energy Sword, leaving behind most of the other weapons that he had brought with him, and rushed out to the main sitting room where he found Vira working on creating a portal to a location in the mountains. He saw in the portal In Amber Clad, along with several people doing wandering around it. Taking a deep breath, the Chief stepped into the portal, feeling himself being pulled off of the ground and flown through the air, landing on his feet a mere seconds later in front of In Amber Clad, Krasus and Rhonin directing the Dwarves in studying the metal plating of the great ship. Noticing him out of the corner of his eye, the Archmage turned around and walked up to the Chief, a fire burning behind his eyes.
“We got your ship here, along with whatever it was that was inside of it.” Rhonin said as he stared down the Master Chief.

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